At Maxi-Cosi Outlet we’re all about loving life with your little one. Playing with your baby or toddler is a special time, when you can bond and have fun. And playtime is also essential for your child’s healthy development. From the earliest days, your baby will start to learn about the world through touch, light and sound. As they grow, the right toys can help them sharpen their co-ordination skills as they enjoy themself. Our toys are created by child development specialists to stimulate your child and encourage learning through play. 

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Tiny Love Gymini Developlace

Tiny Love Gymini Developlace

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  • Grows with baby
  • Multi-featured
  • Colorful & engaging
£30.00 £69.99

Tiny Love Flip Cube

Tiny Love Flip Cube

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£7.99 £13.00

Toys for babies and toddlers at Maxi-Cosi Outlet

Our range of premium quality activity toys for babies and toddlers are 100% safe and look beautiful in the nursery too. Fun bright colours, mirrors and sounds capture the attention of your curious child. From newborn baby to toddler, you’ll find toys developed specifically for each growth stage to help them hone their skills. They’re crafted to encourage your child to develop a range of essential capabilities, from fine motor skills to co-ordination. And they feature fun characters that brighten up the room and make your child smile and actively interact.

Tiny Love toys for parents and children
The best-selling Gymini Activity Mat comes in a variety of formats and designs. Each provides a wide range of stimulating activities to keep your child amused as they grow and encourage their development. Look for Tiny Love toys that you can play with together with your child to reinforce your special bond. Or choose Tiny Love toys that encourage independent play, such as baby gyms or activity mats. These capture the attention of your child and keep them stimulated while you get on with what you’re doing.

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